About Mimi Jones Hedwig

I’m a writer and former magazine editor (Redbook, Family Circle, Reader’s Digest, Guideposts). Since my relocation from New York to a mid-sized city in Tennessee, I have found a new vocation in volunteering at a busy animal shelter. My roles there have run the gamut: dog walker, dog rescue transport driver, adoption counselor, admissions assistant, newsletter writer and editor….

For reasons of confidentiality I have disguised the names of the shelter, the city, the people and even the dogs – but all stories are true. Many of these posts are adapted from my memoir-in-progress, Ask the Animals: What Shelter Dogs Have Taught Me About Life, Love and Faith.

I hope that you, the reader of this blog, will become better informed about the issues that cause suffering and hardship to the animals who have been our faithful friends since cave days. I hope, too, that by sharing what I’ve learned from dog experts, both at my shelter and throughout the rescue world, we can all become better guardians of the vulnerable animal lives in our care.

Most of all, I hope that your own heart for shelter dogs (and cats, and bunnies, and all the beautiful creatures who wind up in our country’s rescue organizations) will move you to adopt from a shelter, and to work for a  kinder world for all.